We're about good times!

Because we ride, train and race, we know what jars us riders off - so we're not about a free gel, 'racing for the deluded', a jazzy medal, a digital certificate or a bowl of luke warm pasta. We don't like timing chips, it takes away the fun element in our eyes and we don't encourage you to 'race' whilst on the open road.


You want to race full on, then we can certainly point you in the right direction and make sure your race licence, pin a number on your back and that way help support your local club network while partaking in a safer, more controlled environment run to British Cycling guidance. You get the picture. We race.


We're about the route, the sport, the terrain, the surroundings, the grub, the coffee stop, the bad company you keep, the flats, the grazed elbow, the banter - but mostly we're about the laughs & larks! So when you've ridden on FlanRou, with your fellow 'knobblie and drops' lunatics you've have something to chuckle about for many a moon, we like to think that's why so many keep coming back.

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