firstly and foremost, we're not about running profitable events

we're about having a good time!

Because we ride, we know what jars riders off - so we're not about a free gel, 'racing for the deluded', a jazzy medal, a digital certificate or a plastic bowl of luke warm pasta.


We're about the route, the sport, the terrain, the surroundings, the grub, the coffee stop, the bad company you keep, the flats, the grazed elbow, the banter - but mostly we're about the larks! So when you've ridden on FlanRou, with your fellow 'knobblie and drops' lunatics you've have something to chuckle for many a moon.

Now get out there, go put some miles in and make sure one of those FlanRou ninja's don't latch onto your wheel while you're out training alone in the dark and damp. HAIT!

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FlanRou shiz you already know...

BELGIAN TOOTHPASTE - the grime that builds up on your face during 'soft weather' wet training days, sadly we can only offer you Somerset ShizPaste round our routes though.


Ribinoù - our french cousin, Antoine, from Brittany refers to the grassy centred tracks and droves of his granite strewn coast as 'Ribinoù'... he also loves a piglet or two.


OMLOOP - our belgian nephew, Stan Van Gallopin from Steenberg,  uses this one, loosely meaning 'circulation' which he puts to good use while enjoying the belgian toothpaste.


GRAVA - our spanish dirt lover Juan Vuelta-Fletcha loves his Cyclo-Cross... but he loves doing it in warm weather with a BBQ!


FULL GAS - too many gels consumed increasing the risk of a 'shart'. Or it could mean going so damn hard you can't speak while chewing handlebar tape - you decide which you prefer.


FLANROU NINJA - these sneaky buggers ride and train on these byways, they know the course and every inch of the grubby sectors. But they are sworn to a vow of silence. They'll creep up on you when you're training alone out on the moors and lowlands and silently sit on your wheel until you blow your box... then look you dead in the eye and ride you off their wheel. Devious swines, they'll tell you the Somerset Levels are level.

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Love, Doghouse & Bonehead x


'ello Dave'

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